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GComm in HerbCat

After looking at the manual I have come up with a couple of additions/exceptions to the manual for the General Comments section of HerbCat. They are:

1) If the specimen is similar to another but there is not a strong enough connection to link them then enter 'Associated with K123456789' in GComm
2) When there are multiple barcodes on a sheet (eg >3) enter 'On sheet with K000000101 to K000000106
3) A fairly general note to use GComm for additional information that is undecipherable (due to handwriting/language) and therefore cannot be placed to accuracy in plant description, habitat etc sections.

This was all I could think of for GComm as most points are in the manual. What do you think of the points above and is there anything I'm missing?


As far as I can remember, all

As far as I can remember, all was included. Maybe while databsing we can remember other details.

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