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Latin American plant on same sheet as a non-LAPI one.

<p>I've found a type folder with two plants on the same sheet, one of them from the U.S.A. (region 13) and the other from Mexico (region 14), filed under region 13.</p>

<p>Laura and Marie-Helene advised me on the following when databasing something like that:

</p><p>- Put the <strong>LAPI</strong> tag on the Mexican plant (<strong>but not the GPI tag</strong>) and use 13 as the herbarium region. However, leave a remark on the <strong>Private Notes</strong> field about the herbarium region such as <em>Filed under region 13 as it is on sheet with [BARCODE number of the other plant</em> or something like that.</p><p>

- for the American plant, use the <strong>GPI </strong>tag as normal.</p><p>

- When scanning, save the image of the Mexican plant in a different subfolder called say <strong>"LAPI"</strong> as this will help them when doing QA.</p>

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