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Mongolia & Russia 1827

TitleMongolia & Russia 1827
Publication TypeMap
Year of Publication1827
AuthorsVandermaelen P, Ode H, Hassel SGH
Refereed DesignationDoes Not Apply
Series TitleDavid Rumsey Historical Map Collection
DescriptionPartie, Russie d'Asie, Chine. Asie 32.
PublisherPh. Vandermaelen
CityBru xelles
TypeAtlas Map
Short TitlePartie de la Russie d'Asie et de la Chine. Asie no. 32. (Dresse par Ph. Vandermaelen, lithographie par H. Ode. Deuxieme partie. - Asie. Bruxelles. 1827)
Alternate TitleHand col. lithographed map. Relief shown by hachures. Covers Lake Baikal and vicinity in Russia and Mongolia. Prime meridian: Paris.
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