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Scratchpad updates

Classification import (Handles the import of a classification)

  • 2010-12-17: The old EOL import module has now been removed. All taxonomies are imported via the same interface. We also now check to ensure that the EOL service is running, before attempting an import.

Countries map (A module to create maps of the world with countries highlighted)

  • 2010-12-10: The Countries Map module now supports import. Please see the help pages for information on the import formats supported.

Scratchpad Slickgrid (Slickgrid tweaks and enhancements for Scratchpads)

  • 2011-02-24: The new Scratchpad grid editor is ready to to be used.

Taxonomy User Interface (Adds an enhanced User Interface to improve a user's interaction with the taxonomy module.)

  • 2010-12-10: Enable the editing of the Drupal synonyms field (if it has been set already).

Scratchpadify (Adds a few small customisations to a Drupal site to Scratchpadify them.)

  • 2010-12-10: Added a way of creating the update message that you are currently reading. This will help to keep you informed of all the new developments in the Scratchpad project.
  • 2009-09-03: Some other random pants.

Grid Editor (Edit multiple nodes in a grid.)

  • 2010-12-10: Matrix Editor content filtering and field selection has been improved. You can now choose to edit content based on dates or terms. And if you have batch imported content, you can also choose to see all the nodes created in the last batch.
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